Logistics Solutions / Door to Door Delivery

In order to enhance its clients' experiences in the areas of Warehouse Management, Inventory Control, and Order Fulfillment, KOK LOGISTICS is continuing to modernize its existing warehouse and distribution facilities. The necessity for increased efficiency and more cost-effective logistics expenditures has increased as business requirements have evolved.

KOK LOGISTICS is capable of addressing any shipping requirement and acting as a centralized logistics window for all products or components that are in transit through your supply chain.

The entire logistics process is managed by our Door To Door (DTD) program. Each cargo will be collected from the shipper at the point of origin and conveyed to the recipient's doorstep in India.

The Account Coordinator functions as a "single window," ensuring that shipments are perpetually monitored from the origin to the destination and that there is no communication void when interacting with multiple agencies in the supply chain. Periodic reports are generated and distributed to all relevant personnel.

KOK LOGISTICS provides DTD delivery services to clients who wish to simplify logistics management, reduce costs, and minimize the risk of loss or product damage, all while concentrating on their primary business. KOK LOGISTICS can reduce the number of days in your supply chain by utilizing the global network's scope and reliability to deliver products from our branches in India to your desired destination.

Our Door-to-Door Services encompass the following:

Door-to-door and port-to-port services are provided from the consignor to the consignee.
Freight transportation and parcel delivery comprise the integrated service.
Simplifies procedures by resolving complications associated with multiple carrier bills
Shipments of almost any dimension or weight

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