Project Cargo/ODC

Regardless of whether you are engaged in the construction of a manufacturing facility, mining, or excavating the earth, you will require a logistics transportation service to oversee the movement of your cargo. Freight management, cargo handling, and cargo transportation from the point of origin to the ultimate site location comprise the services.

The delivery time must be consistent with the project schedule, which is the most critical aspect of logistic services. The project may be delayed and substantial losses may occur as a consequence of your error in selecting a logistics service company.

KOK LOGISTICS can assist you in achieving success. We excel in the provision of procurement services and logistics management for large projects.

We collaborate closely with your sales and procurement teams to guarantee that all aspects of the process are executed in accordance with your schedule. Our process commences with the issuance of purchase/sales orders and entails the transportation of cargo of all sizes and dimensions from any location in the world to your final site location. We are capable of providing innovative solutions and the most expeditious response to your inquiries.

KOK LOGISTICS possesses the expertise necessary to analyze critical project requirements and address intricate logistical challenges.

We will collaborate closely with you to ensure that all products are transported with the utmost care. Our ability to navigate logistical obstacles in the industry is contingent upon our ability to establish strong relationships and maintain transparent communication with clients, thereby ensuring a successful project experience.

KOK LOGISTICS is a company that specializes in the provision of specialized solutions for the secure transportation of weighty, unwieldy, and over-dimensional cargo. We have been accountable for the transportation of cargo that necessitates unconventional management.

Our distinctive expertise in this field enables us to devise a comprehensive strategy that considers all aspects of the project, including site surveys, route clearances, and freight evaluation and carrier selec-tion. This leads to substantial savings for our clients in terms of both time and money, as well as the prevention of costly errors.

We provide specialized heavy lift forklifts and the requisite equipment to secure over-dimensional cargo that are transported over the road. The movement of over-dimensional cargo is consistently managed with meticulous coordination, taking into account project schedules and all available options and possibilities.

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